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Ben Affleck stars in Jennifer Lopez’s new music video, ‘Marry Me’

the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez The romance was popular 20 years ago and is still popular today. After initially breaking up in 2004 under pressure from the public and paparazzi, the Hollywood couple found themselves in what Jennifer Lopez described as a “beautiful” relationship.

Early in their relationship in 2002, Ben Affleck appeared in Lopez’s music video for her hit song, “Jenny On The Block.” Almost 20 years later, the actor made an appearance in another music video for the actress, albeit in a more subtle way.

Lopez’s music video for the romantic comedy “Marry Me” has just been released, and it teased some of the DC actor’s scenes. In this video, Affleck’s face was not revealed. Still, there were scenes of him with Lopez on the bed, sharing a sweet moment, and parts where she appeared to be in conversation with someone out of view of the camera.

Ben Affleck in Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Marry Me’ music video

The 52-year-old just released the music video for her ballad “Marry Me,” and it has a surprising, well, not so surprising guest. The song was from his romantic comedy “Marry Me” which hit theaters last month.

Lopez gave her fans a peek into her life with Affleck right in the middle. The “Batman” actor made a subtle appearance in the video, showing his hands, and his presence was strongly hinted at, but his face was not shown.

In part of the video, the two shared a sweet moment in bed, cuddling and laughing. There was also a scene where the couple stretched out their arms to hold hands. Several other scenes showed Lopez interacting with someone out of view of the camera, possibly Affleck.

Affleck was previously in Lopez’s “Jenny On The Block”


Besides appearing in “Marry Me,” Affleck was in another music video for the “Wedding Planner” actress. Around the time they first met in 2002, Lopez released the music video for her hit single “Jenner On The Block,” which featured the 49-year-old in full technicolor.

Unlike his subtle appearance in “Marry Me,” Affleck’s face was visible in this music video from several different angles. In one of their scenes, the couple was on a yacht with Lopez wearing a pink bikini. The “Daredevil” actor lay next to her, his hand on her butt.

The duo were in a similar position recently with the singer in an identical swimsuit, and fans claimed they were recreating the boat scene from the 2002 music video. Lopez ended up denying it, saying it wasn’t. was just a coincidence.

Affleck made a custom video for Lopez’s Valentine’s Day gift

Ben Affleck is seen in Los Angeles

Lopez previously revealed Affleck made a custom music video for her hit “On My Way” as a Valentine’s Day gift. The video was nearly four minutes long and showed several photos and videos of the two when they started dating in 2002.

Plans from this period were woven into the “On My Way” music video. Speaking about it in her “On The JLo” newsletter, the “Monster in Law” actress revealed that the video “melted [her] heart.”

The singer wrote, “Watching it made me think about the journey of true love, its unexpected twists and how when it’s real it can actually last forever. This seriously melted my heart. Lopez also added that the gift was “very special and personal” to her, and that she would normally only have shared it with her “inner circle.”

Lopez and Affleck dated in 2002 before calling it quits

Jennifer Lopez out and about in New York to promote Marry Me apostrophes

Lopez and Affleck originally met on the set of “Gigli,” a movie they both starred in. At this time, Lopez was still married to Cris Judd, and the duo were apparently just friends. Lopez separated from her husband in July 2002 and began publicly dating Affleck that summer.

The two were together until 2004 and even got engaged. Affleck and Lopez ended up moving their wedding date due to continued paparazzi and public scrutiny. The duo announced their split that year and moved on with different people.

Now, nearly 18 years after their previous relationship, the “Bennifer” couple are back together, and according to Lopez, things are better than ever. They are apparently older, wiser, and much more prepared to handle whatever the future throws at them.