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Beloved Town of Snohomish Chief Financial Officer Debbie Burton Receives Key to the Town

Beloved Town of Snohomish Chief Financial Officer Debbie Burton Receives Key to the TownDebbie burton

SNOHOMISH – Mayor John T. Kartak presented the Town of Snohomish Chief Financial Officer Debbie Burton with the Key to the Town in honor of her 14 years of dedicated service at the June 1 Town Council meeting. Burton recently resigned from the post she had held since 2016.
Burton, a humble person, might want to downplay his importance to the town of Snohomish. Nonetheless, the community should be aware of its contributions, including changing the mindset of city government.
Former Snohomish Chamber of Commerce manager Pam Schilaty said that before Burton started, the town served citizens but seemed to forget about local businesses.
Schilaty said, “The idea for business partnerships with the town (of Snohomish) came from Debbie.
One of those partnerships was between farmers and the Snohomish Valley Festival of Pumpkins. The collaboration with the festival not only boosted the notoriety of local farms, but also brought awareness to one of Burton’s proudest accomplishments, the town’s craft beer and wine industry.
Through his hard work promoting Snohomish, Burton has turned the town into a haven of craft beer and wine. Now, several breweries and wineries are calling Snohomish their home.
Craft drinks aren’t the city’s only claim to fame, thanks to Burton. Capitalizing on the natural beauty that made her fall in love and move to Snohomish after her first visit in 1990, she brought more attention to local venues for weddings and events, earning her the title of ” world capital of marriage ”. Burton said, “We first made people think of Snohomish.”
Burton’s contributions to the community were not limited to his work for the city. She has been a member of the Kiwanis Club of Snohomish since 2012. Club Kiwanis’ partnership with the Snohomish Boys and Girls Club and their children’s service required her to join. The importance of community service was something Burton was raised with; she said: “My mother has always served the community where I grew up and so this value has been passed on.”
Burton grew up in Montana and graduated from Butte High School in 1985 and enrolled at Montana University of Technology where, in 1989, she received her bachelor’s degree in accounting. Although she was planning to retire to her new home in La Conner, an opportunity presented itself. The town of Sedro-Woolley needed a CFO. Burton said: “It was so close to my house, I couldn’t let it pass.”
“I’m going to miss her like crazy,” Schilaty lamented, a sentiment many Snohomish share.

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