Battle for access to popular Christian County swimming hole goes to court


The battle to reopen access to a popular river point in Christian County is before a judge.

This week, a few members of the public leading the effort, as well as two landowners who lost access because of the blocked road, filed an injunction in Christian County Circuit Court against the County of Christian and the landowners who blocked Canyon Road.

The group is asking the court to remove the gate and concrete blockade so that landowners and the public can access Canyon Road, which runs along the Finley River. Those who had the gate installed in March, Mike and Carla Adams, say the road is their private land, and Christian county leaders have agreed. The group fighting to reopen the road says the road is public. They say the 1986 and 1996 county records include petitions to get the county off the road.

“They very much appreciate that we could pool our efforts on this point as they felt a bit isolated with the county siding with another landowner who wants to put up a barrier on a public road and be deaf to their calls. to that, ”said David Romano, leader of a group fighting for access to Lindenlure.

The group sent the files to Christian County officials, with no response. And with two landowners by their side, they say it’s a fight for public rights and landowner rights.

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