Wedding Planner

Batavia Coast Conference Center Wedding Expo and lemonade events for the local wedding market

Planning a wedding in Geraldton can be a difficult task due to the lack of local options, but an event coordinator offers her services to help make a dream day an easy reality.

A wedding expo at the end of the month will bring together local wedding vendors, showcasing the variety of local business options available.

Designed to reduce stress, time and budget management, brides and grooms in Geraldton can sigh in relief now that a free wedding planner is available for download.

Lemonade Events owner Rachel Geier said she created the free wedding guide to tackle aspects of wedding preparation known to cause stress in an easy-to-navigate booklet.

During her business research, Ms Geier said she discovered how difficult it was to find local wedding options around Geraldton.

“These small businesses are hard to find if you’re new to the area because most of the time you hear about them by word of mouth,” Geier said.

“I noticed that there weren’t many transportation options like rental cars and there weren’t too many bridal shops in town.”

Ms Geier launched Lemonade Events in Geraldton this year, providing event styling services across the Mid West and was delighted to join the Batavia Coast Conference Center 2022 Wedding Expo.

On Saturday May 28, the Batavia Coast Conference Center at the Geraldton Apartment Hotel will host the Marriage Exhibition.

“The expedition is more or less a live event of what the guide is,” Ms. Geier said.

To download the wedding guide, visit the Lemonade Events WA website.