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Bachelor Irena Srbinovska reveals awkward wedding planning moment

Just two months into the lockdown, Gilbert popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Irena Srbinovska, the Bachelor The winner admitted that planning her wedding was nothing like what she expected.

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She and Locky fell in love on the show’s 2020 season and got engaged in June, but now she’s “overwhelmed” by the realities of waking up in the aisle — or at least planning it.

I think we all dream about our marriage and what it will be like from a young age,” she wrote on Instagram Tuesday night.

“Then when it’s time to start planning, we’re so overwhelmed (at least I am). I have a million things to do and I don’t know where to start.

Sharing her confession alongside a shy selfie with her engagement ring – which reportedly cost $30,000 – Irena also confessed to an awkward interaction with her wedding planner recently.


“I was asked by a wedding planner if I had a wedding inspiration Pinterest folder and my answer was no. I’m so late!” she wrote.

She begged other brides-to-be “in the same boat” to share their advice, which many did in the comments section, assuring Irena the nerves are normal.

Companion Bachie alum Alisha Aitken-Radburn joked “I’ll send you my spreadsheet,” adding that everything for her wedding to partner Glenn Smith is booked nine months in advance.

Others urged Irena to run away if the pressures of wedding planning got too much, while some suggested wedding planners and podcasts.



But Irena’s future husband, Locky, took a completely different take on her post, especially her comment, “Is anyone in this together?”

Jumping into the comments section, Locky cheekily wrote, “Did you say boat? Are we going to take a boat?

The couple recently bought their first home with big renovation plans, adding a puppy to their family of three shortly after.

With all that responsibility — plus wedding planning — we have a feeling buying a boat is the last thing on Irena’s mind right now.

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She and Locky previously traveled to Australia together after their Bachelor success, before moving to Perth.

In 2022, they moved to Melbourne, closer to Irena’s family, who are sure to play a huge role on her wedding day to Locky.

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