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As Buffalo Targets Mohawk Ramp Redevelopment, Some Artists Mourn Muse | Local News

But what’s really “cool” about a city that is rebuilding its city center into a crater piece by piece of hard earned money? Seen from the right angle, in the right parking lot – an anonymous non-place, by definition – Buffalo looks like a much bigger city.

Local rappers sometimes favor this cosmopolitan look: The music video for “Pitch Black”, by independent hip-hop artist and producer Ology, cuts between the scenes of a field, a studio and the rooftop of the Mohawk Ramp. , where a low angle shot captures two cars, the illuminated electric tower and the suggestion of an urban landscape stretching out behind them.

An image from the music video “Pitch Black” by independent hip-hop artist and producer Ology. Tyler White, the director of the video, filmed atop the Mohawk Ramp. (Courtesy of Tyler White)

“It’s a larger-than-life visual, with a view of the city,” said Tyler White, 27, who shot three music videos, including “Pitch Black,” on the ramp. “I guess that’s why I keep going back. It sells a certain aesthetic.

Wedding photographers, meanwhile, have taken hold of the nostalgia for the view from the ramps, which feels like a dense cityscape, with no vacant lots or parking lots to spoil the view. Over the past two years, parking ramp wedding sessions have become popular with couples who appreciate downtown Buffalo and its architecture, but don’t want cars or other distractions in their photos, a said Amy Greene, a 31-year-old wedding photographer.

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