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Arjun Kanungo is ready to marry Carla Dennis on August 10!

“Carla and I will have a white wedding in the UK next year”

Arjun Kanungo is ready to marry Carla Dennis on August 10!

Singing sensation Arjun Kanungo is ready to wed longtime fiancé carla denis this August.

The wedding is believed to take place according to Hindu traditions, where Carla will match her bridal attire with her mother-in-law’s jewellery.

Arjun says,

“Carla understands Indian weddings and has, in fact, completely taken over the preparation. She chose the venues and hired a wedding planner. She also selected my outfits for the wedding. India, she too is passionate about our traditions and works enthusiastically on her Indian wedding dress and preparation.

Arjun and Carla are also planning to have a white wedding next year. Arjun shares,

“We will be hosting this in April 2023 in the UK. This is for Carla and her near and dear ones.

As he prepares for two weddings, Arjun did not believe in the idea of ​​marriage earlier in his life.

“I never thought I would ever get married. Carla changed my life! She’s the reason we’re in a successful relationship and we’re getting married. She never pushed me to get married. Even though I knew she wanted to get married, she had given up because she knew my thoughts. She was ok with not getting married as long as we were together and happy. Seeing that Carla was ready to adapt, I thought that if she was willing to compromise for me, why was I so stubborn?”

Right after the August wedding, the couple will leave for their honeymoon. The destination they have chosen has an emotional connection. He shares,

“We are planning to go to Japan. He has a special place in our hearts. I remember after three years of being together, our relationship had reached choppy waters. I was going to Japan for work and asked Carla to join me. During our stay there, we fell in love with each other again. If Carla hadn’t joined me in Japan, we might have broken up. This is the reason why we want to go there for our honeymoon.”

The couple have been in a relationship for seven years and have been considering getting married for some time.

Their wedding will last three days in Mumbai with family and friends in attendance. This included a mehndi ceremony on August 9, a wedding ceremony on August 10 and a reception on August 11!

We sure love celebrity weddings and can’t wait to hear more of their wedding details!

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