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Anthony Albanese on new partner Jodie Haydon and ex-wife Carmel Tebbutt

Anthony Albanese has revealed how he felt after the sudden departure of his 30-year-old girlfriend – and the event that led to their new relationship.

Anthony Albanese has revealed he was heartbroken after his 30-year relationship broke down, but his new girlfriend has given him the spark he needs to win the election.

In an extensive interview with Australian Women’s Weekly, the Labor leader gave an insight into the record of the split with her partner of 30 years (married for 19), former NSW deputy premier Carmel Tebbutt.

He told the magazine he was emotionally bruised by his wife’s sudden departure.

But that pain would only last for a year, with the man hoping to be Prime Minister meeting his now partner Jodie Haydon a year later at an event in Melbourne.

He said he asked if there were any South Sydney fans in the audience, to which “Jodie shouted, ‘Up the Rabbitohs'”.

After introducing himself, Mr Albanese discovered that she also lived a few suburbs away from his Marrickville constituency.

Ms Haydon, head of strategic partnerships for an industry super fund, revealed she was not looking for a relationship when she met the Labor leader.

“I had reached a point in my life where I enjoyed being single,” she told the magazine.

She said it was not until Mr Albanese was involved in a life-threatening car accident that she realized the depth of his feelings.

“I saw the mess of a car before I saw him and thought, ‘He couldn’t survive this,'” Ms Haydon said.

“It was very scary, and then you realize how much you love that person, the fear of losing them.”

A 17-year-old in a Range Rover had driven on the wrong side of the road, colliding with the Leader of the Opposition’s car.

Mr Albanese credits the accident with making him want to reassess his life, losing more than 18 kilograms as he heads into the fight of his political life.

Ms Haydon said she was fully aware she was dating the man who may soon take the keys to the Lodge.

“The first time I went out with him, and people wanted pictures and to shake his hand, it all felt completely surreal,” Ms Haydon said.

“I remember thinking, ‘Oh, that’s right, this guy is a candidate for PM!’ I know the coming months will be intense, but my goal will simply be to support each other through this.

In a separate interview with the Australian Financial Review, Mr Albanese said he was confident his party could score a clear victory in the polls due in May.

“I am absolutely determined to have a majority government and I think we will,” he said.

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