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Announcing the Winners: Australasia’s Best Wedding Photographers 2021

By Marc Gafen | February 18, 2022

The wait is finally over and we can reveal the winners, runners-up and top 20 rankings in the search for the best wedding photographers in the region, the best wedding photographers in Australasia, presented by Sony. The inaugural edition of the competition showcased a diverse range of creative approaches to the art of wedding photography from across Australia and New Zealand.

The competition was judged by some of the world’s leading wedding photographers, with the task made all the more difficult by the exceptionally high level of entries. Winners, runners-up, and top runners-up can be immensely proud to have had their work recognized by such a stellar panel of judges.

And so, to the winners… Congratulations to Mauro Canteli and Keegan Cronin for taking top honors in the Portfolio and Single Shot categories respectively. The competition finalists are Ashley Karakatsanis in the Portfolio category and Jerome Cole in Single Shot. Good game!

Top 40 Single Shot and Top 15 Portfolio entries are published in the February-April issue of Capture, which will be on newsstands early next week, and available for digital download on Zinio from Monday, February 21.

You can also see the top 20 entries in both categories here:

Entrants who have received rewards will be notified by email shortly.

A huge thank you to our amazing sponsors for their support. You can check them out here: Sony Australia, BenQ and msi.


Portfolio winner – Mauro Cantelmo

© Mauro Cantelmi.  Human forms.  Winner – Wallet.  Australasia's best wedding photographers 2021.
© Mauro Cantelmi. human forms. Winner – Wallet.
Australasia’s best wedding photographers 2021.

What the judges thought
This portfolio exhibits light-hearted creativity and ingenuity in a seemingly effortless interplay of light/dark, silhouette/highlight and symmetry/asymmetry intertwined with a playful organic narrative of the bride and/or groom. All of this is combined in a believable and elegant way that ensures these images won’t date, like many current fads. – Sanjay Jogia

I enjoy the alternation of dark and light throughout this portfolio, used in different forms and modes. A sense of mystery and anticipation is often present in the photographs with a strong use of leading lines and graphic shapes. Nice to see solid wallets like this! –David Edmonson

What makes a good image stand out from the crowd? Impact, composition, powerful use of leading lines and the ability to tell a story. From the unique use of lighting to the strong composition and more, these images all made me feel something, and as a creator, that should be your ultimate goal: to create a work of art that evokes the emotion for the viewer. – Sal Cincotta

Single Shot Winner – Keegan Cronin

© Keegan Cronin.  Summer time.  Winner – Single shot.  Australasia's best wedding photographers 2021.
© Keegan Cronin. Summer time. Winner, Single Shot category, Australasia’s Top Wedding Photographers 2021.

What the judges thought…
While scrolling through the images, this one stopped me and made me say “wow” out loud. In a sea of ​​similarities within our industry, this image stood out as a unique work of art. The vision behind it is great. –Jennifer Moher

I especially like how the clouds lead our eyes down and around the couple. The way the little touches of red are enough to frame the couple without drawing attention. To a large extent, it’s a very monochromatic image using different blues, and that’s why the red becomes so central to the composition as a whole.
The couple staring into the frame on the right helps direct our gaze back to the couple, while the heads shattering above the horizon line contribute to the graphic nature of the image. The couple’s gesture mirrors the naturalness and in-between moments of the rest of the individuals in the frame. It lends itself to the feeling that something is about to happen, which builds energy into the overall narrative. Good game! It’s an intriguing wedding photo that brings a sense of wonder to mind. –David Edmonson

Portfolio Finalist – Ashley Karakatsanis

© Ashley Karakatsanis.  Wedding photography for kings and queens.  Finalist - Portfolio.  Australasia's best wedding photographers 2021.
© Ashley Karakatsanis. Wedding Photography for Kings and Queens.
Finalist, Portfolio Category, Australasia’s Best Wedding Photographers 2021.

What the judges thought…
This winning portfolio showcases a beautiful use of space, perspective, composition and contrast. Compositionally, the photographer makes powerful use of leading lines and visual contrast to quickly draw our attention to the subject, as well as a sense of graphic design. In this setting, the subjects’ gestures appear more natural than posed while exuding a sense of sophistication so that the individuals appear refined, polite, and pleasant in every setting. The overall portfolio demonstrates a cohesive style emanating from the photographer while showing their ability to effectively capture the narrative of the wedding day using both high and low keystrokes – an essential skill for every wedding photographer to master. Finally, the portfolio displays both portraits and transition shots – which are crucial in storytelling – with a harmonious sense of unity. Glory! Good game!” –Luke Edmonson

Single Shot Finalist – Jerome Cole

© Jerome Cole.  Expect.  Runner Up - Single Shot.  Australasia's best wedding photographers 2021.
© Jerome Cole. Expect. Finalist, Single Shot category,
Australasia’s best wedding photographers 2021.

What the judges thought…
What immediately struck us was the level of thought put into the technical aspects of this photo which ultimately creates a striking and memorable image. The subjects are perfectly positioned in the middle to complete the symmetry of the photo. The composition is perfect and the aperture used ensures that the bride and groom look crisp and clean. The choice of black and white image processing allows the viewer to quickly focus on the lines and shapes of the subjects. – The Kitcheners


The special edition of Australasia’s top wedding photographers Capture magazine will hit newsstands early next week. You can also get the digital version of the magazine (for phone, tablet and desktop) on Zinio starting Monday.

You can also see the top 20 entries in both categories here:

• Top 20: Portfolio category
• Top 20: Single Shot Category


Category winners each receive $3,000 in cash, a Sony Alpha 7 III camera worth $2,899 and a BenQ monitor worth $750. Finalists win $500 in cash and an MSI Urban Outdoor backpack worth $380.


The jury of Australasia’s Best Wedding Photographers 2021, some of the world’s leading wedding photographers:

Cinzia Bruschini | Sal Cincotta | Count of India | David and Luke Edmonson | Sanjay Jogia | The Kitcheners | Jennifer Moher | Jose Villa


Many thanks to Sony Australia, BenQ and MSI for their continued support of Australian and New Zealand wedding photographers.







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