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And just like that: everything we know about how SATC characters live now

AAnd just like that, one of the most anticipated TV reboots has finally arrived. At least it’s about to do. On Tuesday, HBO Max released the first official trailer for the Sex and the city to restart.

With the full series launching on December 9, the trailer gave fans a taste of what to expect.

Starring original cast Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker (Kim Cattrell is not returning), And just like that follows famous friends navigating life, love and friendship in their fifties.

So far, details surrounding the series have been kept under wraps. Other than the arrival of a few new characters (played by Sara Ramírez, Sarita Choudhury, Nicole Ari Parker and Karen Pittman) and the fact that Carrie has a podcast, little was known about what the SATC would look like the characters in 2021.

So it was a treat to get a first glimpse of the series. Here’s what we learned from the trailer about how Carrie and her colleagues live their lives today.

Big has a squad

Chris Noth in And just like that

(And just like that / HBO Max / Sky / YouTube)

Who would have thought that of all the people in Sex and the city to be seduced by the world of well-being that would be Mr Big?

Well, apparently the wealthy financier is in good shape these days, as the trailer shows him sweating out on a Peloton, the famous home spinning bike favorite of celebrities (Miley Cyrus) and politicians (Rishi). Sunak). Good for him.

The Carrie necklace is back

Sarah Jessica Parker in And just like that

(And just like that / HBO Max / Sky / YouTube)

The famous nicknamed gold necklace that Carrie wore throughout the SATC the series is back for And just like that. Fans will remember the iconic pendant (which was worn in almost every episode) from the memorable Parisian episodes at the end of season six of the series.

After spending a disastrous time in the City of Love with her then-boyfriend Aleksander Petrovsky, Carrie thinks she’s lost her favorite pendant. She feigns excitement when Aleksander replaces it with a diamond necklace, but is later elated when she finds it. We’re thrilled that this sentimental item is back for the reboot.

Miranda takes the metro

Cynthia Nixon in And just like that

(And just like that / HBO Max / Sky / YouTube)

It’s weird to see one of the SATC characters traveling on the subway, not least because we’ve literally never seen any of them do that on the show. The four women have only been seen hailing taxis, traveling on foot, or (in an episode where Carrie finally seems to know the financial woes real writers are used to) using the bus.

And so it was a refreshing change to see none other than top lawyer Miranda Hobbes using the subway in the trailer. Does that mean we’ll see Carrie trudging through the top of town on the 1st train of her Manolos? Only time will tell.

Carrie still owns her old apartment

Sarah Jessica Parker in And just like that

(And just like that / HBO Max / Sky / YouTube)

Those of us with a penchant for nostalgia will have Carrie’s original apartment close to our hearts. The famous studio consisted of a bed, living room, bathroom with not one but two entrances and an unused kitchen. We’re not sure exactly why Carrie still owns it given that she now appears to be living with her husband, Big.

But we can’t wait to revisit her famous walk-in closet, which, judging by the shot in the trailer, still looks chock full of Carrie’s clothes.

Charlotte is part of the Gucci gang

Kristin Davis in And just like that

(And just like that / HBO Max / Sky / YouTube)

It was only a matter of time before one of the SATC women have joined the Gucci clan. Of course, when the series ended in 2004, the luxury Italian fashion house was nothing but logomania. In fact, we can’t even remember Gucci’s reputation back then. Today, however, under Alessandro Michele (who joined the house as Creative Director in 2015), Gucci has achieved cult sartorial status.

Famous for its geek-chic aesthetic and top-notch fan base (Diane Keaton, Harry Styles, Sienna Miller), Gucci is today the go-to brand for cool girls, so it makes perfect sense for one of the SATC characters who have been invited to join the pack. We just didn’t expect it to be Charlotte York, the pearl that lives on Park Avenue.

Carrie is drinking beer now

Sarah Jessica Parker in And just like that

(And just like that / HBO Max / Sky / YouTube)

Known for her Cosmopolitans, Carrie has never been a heavy drinker. At least, not in the sense that she ventures into pubs, or other “dive bar” establishments where cocktails are not on the menu. So you can imagine our surprise when we saw our Cocktail Queen standing in the crowd of what looked like a live show with a mug in hand.

Did she slip her own Cosmo into the room and pour it into a mug to fit in? Or is it what we think it is: a pint? Hopefully, for her, it is the latter.

They still have brunch – but with one major difference

Sarah Jessica Parker and Mario Cantone in And just like that

(And just like that / HBO Max / Sky / YouTube)

Saturday morning brunches were the thing of legend throughout the SATC series, so it’s no surprise to see them again in And just like that. However, these are not the same brunches of yesteryear. Of course, given that Kim Cattrall chose not to reprise her role as Samantha Jones in the reboot, our famous quartet became a trio.

But, clearly keen to keep the numbers even, the writers appear to have employed a replacement through Anthony Marantino (played by Mario Cantone), Charlotte’s wedding planner and husband of Stanford Blatch (played by the late Willie Garson ). Samantha’s shoes are practically impossible to fill, but we’re sure Anthony is going to give her a good shot.