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An Andhra Pradesh woman slits her fiancé’s throat to avoid a marriage arranged by his parents

Hyderabad: A 21-year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly trying to kill her fiancé by slitting his throat, according to reports.

According to the police, the defendant Vijayapu Pushpa did not want to marry the man, A Ramunaidu, as the marriage had been arranged by his family against his wishes. Police said Pushpa attacked Ramunaidu after blindfolding him under the guise of giving him a surprise gift. She reportedly tied her dupatta around the victim’s eyes, slit his throat and fled.

The incident happened in Amarapuri village under Butchayyapeta Mandal of newly formed Anakapalli district on Monday. Deputy Superintendent of Police Sunil said on Tuesday he questioned Pushpa who confessed to the crime.

The police arrested the accused for attempted murder and brought her before a magistrate, who remanded her into custody.

According to the police, the couple were to marry on May 20.

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On Monday, they decided to meet and went out on the Scooty. Police say Pushpa asked Ramunaidu to stop somewhere in Vaddadi and went to a store alone saying she wanted to buy something from him. When she returned she did not reveal what she had bought for him and asked Ramunaidu to take her to Vishwashanti Jyotirmayi Ashram.

Once there, Pushpa allegedly asked him to close his eyes and then tied his dupatta around his eyes. She then slit his throat with a knife she had brought, police said.

Local residents moved a heavily bleeding Ramunaidu to a hospital. He told police that Pushpa told him before leaving the premises that she did not want to marry him, and that she assaulted her because her parents would not agree to annul the marriage.

The girl told the police that she did not want to marry anyone as she wanted to spend the life of a devotee at Om Shanti Ashram. “She said she wanted to stay single, like women who live in ashrams, and spend their lives serving God. She said she wanted to live in peace and didn’t want to get married. She said ‘she didn’t know what else to do,’ said an article in The News Minute, quoting Deputy Superintendent of Police Sunil Kumar.

Ramunaidu, who is from the same district, is doing a PhD at the Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in Hyderabad. He is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Anakapalli and his condition has now improved.

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