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After the wedding party, a couple forgives a “con artist”

It may have taken a while, but the story of Arniel and Cherry Pie Satingasin’s marriage has always had its “happy ending.”

On Saturday, September 25, 2021, the Satingasin couple got the reception they wanted days after their wedding planner ruined what should have been a happy occasion.

With all the blessings that came to them after their wedding on September 22, the couple chose to move on and forgive wedding coordinator Naser Fuentes.

A video of Cherry Pie crying shortly after her wedding ceremony after finding out that Fuentes had not booked her wedding reception location despite the P 65,000 payment has gone viral.

Three days later, she was all smiles when she arrived at the wedding reception hosted for them by dyHP radio and 93.9 i-FM, and the local wedding vendors and sponsors.

Cherry Pie said she was happy they could still have the wedding party they wanted, with the sliced ​​cake and wine toast, a money dance and plenty of pictures to remember it. .

Dressed in a dress and costume, the bride and groom also had their first couple dance at the reception held in the lobby of the dyHP RMN station in Cebu.

In an interview on Friday, September 24, the couple said they had already forgiven Fuentes, who is still being held at Barangay Basak Police Station 3 in Mandaue town after being arrested on Thursday for a crime. unrelated estafa which was filed in 2013.

“We shouldn’t cause him pain anymore because this is all a thing of the past. We were angry but he is already detained. Maybe that’s enough already, ”the couple said.

Cherry Pie has said she doesn’t want to judge Fuentes because he might be in trouble as well.

At the reception, they asked those who were following their story to move on so that they too could be at peace.

“To those who will watch or read about this, we ask that we all move on. We also want to be relieved of all the stress caused by our experience. We thank everyone who expressed their concern for us, ”Arniel said in Cebuano at the reception.

“If you would like to express our wishes for happiness, we will gladly accept them, but we have decided not to talk about the incident any further so that we can finally settle in. We haven’t slept enough and haven’t eaten properly since the wedding, ”added Cherry Pie.

The couple hope the audience can learn a lesson from their experience – that despite a rough start, there is hope and room for forgiveness and peace, “and of course, a happy ending.”

The Satingasin experience prompted a wedding coordinator to give this advice to the bride and groom: If it sounds too good to be true, consider other options.

Alnair Agujar, owner of Chasing Perfection Weddings and Events, said couples should take the time to check out the portfolio of their wedding planner and other vendors, and get feedback from the vendor’s past clients and colleagues in the process. wedding industry.

“No couple deserves to have such an experience, especially at their one-time event … If you feel like the service is so cheap and so beautiful to be true, consider looking for other options,” did he declare. .

Joan Lapus, spokesperson for Cebu Wedding Suppliers, said what happened to Cherry Pie and Arniel was unacceptable.

“We cannot go back in time to correct what has been done. It should have been a beautiful memory rather than a traumatic one. We in the event industry do not condone or condone such actions among members, ”she said.

Lapus urged brides who are considering hiring a wedding planner to do their research.

“Learn about the background and past works. Ask the sites for recommendations. Ask your friends if they know anyone. Prevention is better than cure. And another thing, check with each vendor, especially big ticket items like venues, if their event has really been booked, ”she said. (ANV, EMPLOYMENT)

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