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8 Most Wrong Things About The Show, According To The Cast And Crew

Netflix’s hit real estate reality show sell sunset is set to air its sixth season before the end of 2022, with a new series of drama and luxury homes for fans. The show debuted in 2018, quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular reality shows, and it has continued to build its fanbase through spinoffs like Sell ​​the OC.

As of last season, Christine Quinn announced that she was parting ways with the show to pursue her business interests outside of the Oppenheim Group. With that came a stunning major tea on everything that didn’t sit well with him from season one and beyond.


Selling Sunset edited Christine’s lyrics and even dubbed her voice

Christine revealed in an interview on the podcast call her daddy that producers often dubbed his voice and edited his words out of context in an attempt to make the conversations between the actors seem more dramatic and unpleasant than they were.

This edit made Quinn look more like a villain than she actually was during the show and made it look like she was throwing punches at her co-workers while having a normal conversation that had nothing to do with it. do with the series.

Selling Christine’s Pregnancy Edited Sunset

Reality stars don’t stray from the cameras and have to work while the cameras are on. On the show, Christine was shown doing yoga in season four while pregnant, but the order of the episodes made it look like Christine had already had her baby before doing the yoga session. .

call her daddy revealed that this montage led to Christine hating herself and fans wondering if she was pregnant. This twist in the edit made Christine seem to have bounced back smoothly from her traumatic childbirth experience, setting an unrealistic standard for the show’s viewers.

The Oppenheim Group Has More Agents Than Selling Sunset Representations

Even though it seems like the Oppenheim Group is a tight-knit group of fabulous agents, Jason Oppenheim has revealed a hidden secret from sell sunset in an interview with Us Weekly. By focusing on a small cast of agents, fans can connect with each of the cast in some way, making it easier to build storylines around the cast.

If the show included all the agents, there would be too many people doing mundane things for fans to get bored and forget who the main players are, ultimately losing viewers.

Not everyone on Sunset’s sale is a fully willing participant

Christine Quinn was adamant that the show’s other cast members did not want to do a show; Adam Divello backed up this claim in an interview with Variety. Divello noted that the reluctant cast members allow for better television and more authentic moments filmed.

Obviously, this idea worked in Divello’s favor, given the show’s popularity and demand for more seasons. Even with memes on sell sunset mocking the cast, the show certainly changed their lives and made them household names.

Selling Sunset is scripted (sort of)

Current cast members have adamantly denied that the series is scripted, but Christine Quinn was quick to throw that idea out the window during her call her daddy interview. The show is produced by the same company that created Laguna Beach and The hills, that were heavily scripted but made it feel like they were documentaries, just like sell sunset.

Quinn noted that storyboards are involved and actors are encouraged to start the drama. Even with this information being revealed, it hasn’t stopped fans from enjoying the show.

Parts of Christine’s wedding were airbrushed to sell Sunset

Christine’s wedding was one of the most dramatic moments in Sell ​​the sunset, and the wedding shoot was just as much a production as the ceremony itself. Wedding planner Lisa Lafferty told Page Six the wedding was delayed because production had to redo scenes, which made the day even more stressful.

With the wedding show being the pinnacle of Season 3 production, every shot had to be perfect no matter how long they delayed the wedding, which could be cause for some consternation for Quinn when faced with the show.

Sell ​​Sunset Hides The Cast’s Kids

While it might seem like the children of agents are being kept off-screen for their privacy, that’s not the case. In an interview with Women’s Health, Maya revealed that finding a nanny and filming with babies costs the production team time and money, so they prefer to keep the kids off-screen and focus on their families’ lives. parents.

Not having children in front of the camera is better because it takes them away from the public gaze and ridicule that may affect them later in life, but makes life more difficult for mothers as they try to film and to be a parent.

Christine has always been the bad guy

One of the biggest secrets Christine revealed during her call me daddy interview was that she was always meant to be the villain from the moment she was cast. Looking at Quinn’s backstories and outlandish comments that she says were changed to reflect an entirely different story, it’s clear that the show wanted her to portray herself as villainous and conniving.

This doesn’t bother Quinn as she claims that was her intention as well, but she cares more about how people react to the show because of it.

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