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7 random acts of kindness in 2021 that touch our hearts

On social networks, there is a huge range of video content. You will find everything you need at the push of a button. From cute baby videos and funny animal videos to cooking tips and daily tips, there are plenty of things that grab our attention. But in all of these videos, the one thing that always touches our hearts is the random act of kindness. These videos always make us happy or emotional, or both, simultaneously! So, as the year 2021 draws to a close, we bring you a list of healthy stories and acts of kindness by strangers that have caught people’s attention. Check them out below:

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1. The customer left a tip of $ 200 for 7 restaurant employees.

A generous customer stepped forward to help all the employees at his favorite restaurant in Colorado, USA. The customer had tipped a whopping $ 1,400 on top of his $ 20.40 bill. According to the instructions on the invoice, the money was to be divided among seven restaurant employees. On his invoice, the customer also drew a big smiley face and wrote: “Covid sucks. $ 200 for each employee today. His incredible gesture has gone viral on the Internet.

2. A girl surprised her neighbor with a birthday cake

In an article posted by Chicago food blogger @genie_cooks, she shared how her daughter came up with the idea of ​​surprising their neighbor next door, who lived alone. When Genie’s daughter Danya had gone earlier to talk to the neighbor, he mentioned her birthday. Later, Danya marked the neighbor’s birthday on the calendar and bought the items to make a cake before heading to school.

3. The restaurant owner reacted to people eating leftover pizza from the trash

A viral post on Reddit showed a photo of a heartwarming message pasted on a restaurant glass. The message was pasted on it by the restaurant owner, addressing people who ate from the restaurant’s garbage cans. The message read: “To the people who eat in my garbage. I have more love for you than you think. Please come in and tell me you are hungry, I will forever give you a fresh slice of pizza and some cold water to drink. . God protects you.”

4. A man helped a specially disabled man sell fruit to a sick mother.

In a video uploaded by YouTuber Ted Kunchok, we can see a man striking up a conversation with a specially disabled fruit seller named Anu. When Ted asks him about his business and why he sells oranges, Anu explains that he has been selling oranges for some time because his mother is sick at home. He also claims the company has suffered from low tourist numbers due to the pandemic. At the end of the video, Ted can be seen buying all of Anu’s fruits.


5. The man promised Diwali mithai to every delivery agent

We all know Diwali can be the busiest time of the year, especially for food delivery agents. During the season this year, a Twitter user showed appreciation for their hard work by gifting them mithai boxes! In the post by @chiragbarjatyaa, he wrote: “Every delivery guy for the next 4 days gets candy from me”, and shared the photo of a stack of delicious Mithai boxes. Many people appreciated his kind act and praised him as well.

6. A Bengal woman distributed leftover wedding food to the needy

In an article posted by wedding photographer Nilanjan Mondal, she shared a photo of a woman sharing leftover wedding food among the needy. Mondal recognized the woman as Papiya Kar, who fed the poor with the leftover food from her brother’s marriage. This happened on December 5 at Ranaghat Junction, a station of the Kolkata suburban railway. In the photos we could see the woman dressed in traditional wedding attire and herself serving the food on paper plates.


7. Snacks left by family for delivery agents

A family in Mississippi, USA decided to help delivery agents who were working during the holiday season by leaving delicious snacks and refreshments on their doorstep. In a post on Facebook, we noticed crisps, cookies, snacks and juices neatly packed in a basket. There was also a decorated Christmas tree and a banner that read, “Have a Merry Little Christmas!” To our delivery drivers, thank you for making our holiday shopping easier, ”the family wrote.


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