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6 Reels of Sukriti Chaturvedi As Bride That Will Make You Want To Save The Date ASAP

It is the season of weddings and celebrations and this series of Sukriti Chaturvedi a.k.a @hisukriti to Instagram like a bride will tote make you laugh out loud. Ngl, her impressions as different types of brides are to die for and she nails them with distinction. Whether it be sangeet, bidai, or pre-wedding sessions, Sukriti has covered every aspect of being a bride and you’ll most likely find yourself nodding in agreement as you go through these fun Coils. What are you waiting for? Read on to see Sukriti be the funniest bride ever. Needless to say, she understood the mission.

Let’s do Baaja Group Married…

1. Brides during pre-wedding sessions

Even if the photographer takes a long time to come back with the photos and videos, you must respect her time and be ready for any hits in these heavy outfits. At the same time, you should also keep a wide smile intact all the time, no matter how tired you might be. We believe all brides will relate to Sukriti’s thoughts here ’cause Honestly, wedding photography is a tough job.

2. Brides after their makeup

The most important part of wedding makeup is that it should be waterproof, right? The number of changes that each bride makes to the makeup artist has been listed by Sukriti for good and why not! It’s her big day and the bride must be the prettiest in the whole room, amirite?

3. The brides in Covid weddings

“Who wants to get married for a boy you, I want to get married for pictures “, haha, this quote deserves a T-shirt on its own ‘because isn’t that so true? With Covid-19 again on the rise, brides-to-be defo relate to Sukriti’s wedding checklist here, haina! Cancel whoever you want but not the photographer because what good is a wedding if there are no photos.

4. Brides at their sangel

Fingers in the nose, sangeet is the most memorable event of the whole wedding and there is no denying it. We would like to give special mention to Sukriti’s point on the practice in pajamas and offering heavy-duty performance lehengas, is not it slim true! Plus, the solo performances are the most scary, we 100% agree.

5. The brides during their bidai

Tbh, we will also be extremely upset if no one is crying over our bidai, it’s the worst nightmare ever and Sukriti solved it with accuracy. Just imagine the family you grew up not being upset when you leave home forever, even that thought makes us cry. Pro tip: keep some ‘santre ke chilke‘practical when you want shout.

6. Brides during their period

Periods are painful already, and having your period when it’s your wedding day is a whole different kind of pain. Honestly, to all future brides, keep Sukriti’s advice in mind and remember: “muhurat na periods ki date dekhe nikalna chahiye‘. It’s just as important, isn’t it?

Well don’t they Coils by Sukriti as an extremely honest and accurate bride. We’re sure you might have already done a good neck exercise by nodding your head to them. By the way, the Covid-19 The flare appears to be returning with a new variant and it is essential that you take the dose of the vaccine early and stay safe.