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5 things you need to do right after your wedding

But there are plenty of post-wedding logistics to help you make a smooth transition into married life.

While some of these will require a bit of work on your part, they’re best done fairly quickly (like in the first few weeks after your big day). The longer you wait, the harder it can be to motivate yourself.

We came across the list of the most important things a couple should do after marriage.

  • Send a thank you note to friends and family

Whether you had a local or destination wedding, one thing you need to do is send a thank you note to all of your well-wishers. You should write a personalized note to all your close friends and family members. For others, you can get and send a thank you card or a digital card.

This is definitely a very important thing to do once you’ve tied the knots. If you are getting married in a destination location, your wedding planner will handle the legal process. If you are getting married locally or not hiring a wedding planner, you must handle this process on your own. Register your marriage and get the marriage certificate as soon as possible.

  • Procedure for changing name

This is optional, but in some cases female partners must change their second and last name after marriage. For example, a passport is one of the important documents on which you may want to change your name. In some countries, to take advantage of the benefits of being a wife, women must change their name after marriage. If you are one of them who wants to change the name, start the process for all documents to change the name.

  • Contact the wedding photographer

A wedding is a big event in anyone’s life and that’s why the couple calls the best wedding photographer on that day. The next step must be to get these photographers. So, finish the formalities and get the wedding photo album for yourself.

I hope you discussed finances before the wedding, so now is the time to act. If you are considering merging accounts, now is the perfect time to do so. We recommend that you visit the bank to handle all paperwork and speak with a banker about any questions you may have.