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1,351 divorce requests

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INFIDELITY is cited as the main reason for family breakdowns in the United States, with data this year revealing that more than 1,351 couples filed for divorce at the High Court, an increase from the 1,117 cases that were processed in 2020 .

Many marriages may have ended up in divorce without any record, because couples who marry in non-registered traditional unions pay only the “gupuro” divorce certificate that is in line with the majority of African culture.

A look through divorce court archives shows that allegations of infidelity along with financial dispute were prevalent.

However, in certain cases parties choose not to discuss the reasons behind the divorce in order to cover up the phrase that is commonly that is used in divorce instances “the union is irreparably broken”.

The statistics show that in this year, alone 1,351 divorce cases had been registered so far at the five High Courts of Zimbabwe’s offices located in Harare, Mutare, Bulawayo and Masvingo.

In the year 2000, as per official figures the courts were able to handle 1117 divorce proceedings. In the year 2000 there was a Harare High Court, which handled the most divorce cases, started 724 divorce cases. It was followed by Bulawayo which handled 263.

Masvingo started 75 divorce cases, while Mutare opened 55 new cases.

Counselors and marriage counselors interviewed by the Herald reported that infidelity had destroyed the majority of weddings across Zimbabwe.

Bishop Davison Kanokanga, lawyer and director of the Marriage Center, said infidelity and social media have ruined marriages.

“Infidelity is among the major reasons behind divorce. Cell phones as well as the Internet make it much easy to engage in sexual adultery.

“Cell phones are now an enormous source of conflict between couples. Many married couples spend more time online than they do with their spouse. Social media has ruined relationships in many marriages and most spouses are chatting with others outside their home.

“There aren’t many opportunities for efficient communication among couples” the man said.

Bishop Kanokanga stated that the movement of couples into diaspora also contributes to the dissolution of marriages.

“Some spouses don’t get an entry visa be a part of diaspora. This forced separation led to divorce.

“Some Zimbabweans in the diaspora are divorced due to the difficulties faced by living in diaspora. For instance, the lack of time spent together, hectic work schedules, or trying to stick to traditional roles for Zimbabwean spouses in marriage. diaspora, for instance, “he said.

Bishop Molly Nyabereka, a US-based priest and marriage counselor has said that infidelity is at the heart of many divorces in Zimbabwe.

“Infidelity is the primary cause of divorces in couples who are in extra-marital relationships due to a variety of reasons.

“Others are in adulterous relationships to gain the sake of financial gain, while some aren’t arguing with their spouses,” she said.

Bishop Nyabereka claimed that the interference of in-laws can also contribute to the break-up of marriages.

“We have moms, or babieswho are married however remain adamantly attached to parents. No matter if they are men or women dependent on their parents can affect their marriage sometimes couples split because of the influence of their in-laws “he stated. she declared.

A family law expert who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that the majority of people are marrying for the wrong reason.

“Infidelity is a significant reason however it’s not an isolated issue. Some couples marry for incorrect motives. Many are forced to attend church to be married. Pastors are intermediaries and assist in establishing correspondence for the faithful, an act called “kumasofa”.

“Such individuals don’t get the the time to meet one the other.”

The expert said that some women are “pretending” to use their boyfriend’s money to pay for the lobola, and later finance the wedding bill this is an occurrence that many men are taking advantage of to take advantage of this desperate state of affairs.

“Once in your marriage, you discover that you’re not compatible and you begin dating an additional person, which causes the marriage to fall apart,” the expert said.

The divorcee also pointed to financial issues as the main reason for divorce.

“The issue of finances is two-fold. The excess of money leads to divorce. There are couples who have many funds and assets across the globe. They become focused on wealth that they neglect themselves. If the amount of money isn’t enough marriage problems can also arise.

She said: “We are also experiencing an increase in older women over 55, seeking divorce. They claim we’ve endured many years of abuse and are unable to bear it anymore.

“As they do not possess dependent kids, they see no reason to remain in a relationship that is abusive.”

Harare attorney Rodgers Matsikidze, who handles divorce cases at the High Court, said poverty is also a factor contributing in divorce.

“There are many reasons that people choose to separate. The influx from Zimbabweans into Britain UK or other places has caused families to be divided. In addition, poverty causes breakdown of marriages in Zimbabwe and in other countries “.

Another lawyer Mrs. Jacqueline Sande, said cheating is now widespread in unions of both genders.

“The infidelity of both men and wives in marriages has led to the high number of divorces.

“Both males and females cheat.” “Both men and women.

“In my personal experience other causes for the rise in divorce cases can be attributed to many issues like divorced couples, financial difficulties disagreements over significant religious issues, or the possibility of getting married. life.

“Nowadays couples are less motivated to resolve their issues and instead opt to break up rather instead of working on their problems.

“There there is not as much stigma associated with broken marriages, and as more women become emancipated, there is no reason to remain in marriages that are difficult unlike the past, when women were stuck in marriages that were difficult. due to the financial dependence of your husband “she said.

The abuse of alcohol and drugs is mentioned among the main causes of divorce.