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12 love books coming September-December 2022

Keeping up with new releases isn’t easy, especially with love books. There are a plethora of subgenres, authors, and tropes to follow.

So far in 2022, there have been a lot of ups and downs in the romance book world. Even so, there are still plenty of builds you should have on your radar. However, this will not be a complete list of all upcoming romance book releases.

Instead, it’s going to focus on romance books released between September and December with 3 releases featured each month. While there are plenty to choose from, these books top some of the most anticipated lists.

Without further ado, let’s not waste any more time because there are a lot of releases to come, so let’s break it down.

These September love books need to be on your fall TBR.

Narrowing it down to 3 love pounds for September wasn’t easy, but all have a high probability of being on your TBR for the fall. The first is actually a Christmas romance written by two beloved authors: Julie Murphy and Sierra Simone. A happy little cute encounter is a romance between an adult film star and his childhood crush, a former ringer. Honestly, this one looks so steamy and fun that it had to make the list because its release date is September 20th.

The next step is do you take this man by Denise Williams, out September 6. Denise Williams’ books are always great fun and very well represented. This one follows RJ, a character we’ve met in previous books who frankly despises romance but ends up becoming a wedding celebrant and event planner because they have their own romance. RJ is such an interesting character, so it will be nice to see how Denise Williams builds the romance between her and Lear.

Finally for September it is Vanessa Jared has a man by LaQuette. This book follows Vanessa who is divorced and it’s basically her getting over there until she ends up coming face to face with a man who wants her to make sense of his dating sister. his ex. This book seems to be fun, dramatic, and just the perfect read for September. This one is slated for release on September 20.

These October love books are perfect for the cooler weather ahead.

October’s first release is what many of us have been waiting for and it’s Mistakes have been made by Meryl Wilsner. This book is a Sapphic romance between a student and the mother of her best friend. It looks like it’s going to be scary and fun while featuring some solid romance and it’s out October 11, so it’s the perfect book to cuddle up to.

This next book is A cosmic love by Samantha Young. This book follows a love story between an event organizer and an astronaut who connect in unlikely ways. Honestly, this book seems to have the potential to be incredibly fun and unique. This book is due out on October 18.

October’s latest love book is the one no one has heard of and it’s In the bustle by Adriana Herrera. This book follows a boss-employee romance with a reality TV aspect thrown in there. Honestly, this book is bound to be sexy and fun because Adriana Herrera’s books always follow Domician characters and women are strong badasses, so this one is bound to be another banger from her. This one is slated for release on October 11.

These November romances need to be on your early Christmas list.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include Kennedy Ryan’s upcoming release on this list because she’s the queen of hard-hitting romance books. Especially, Before letting go is her dark love book, Troubled Marriage/Second Chance. Honestly, this book sounds like it’s going to be full of angst and yet also be a moving story. This book should be released on November 15, which is frankly not soon enough.

Chloe Liese is another author who has made the leap from independent to traditional publishing. His book, Two wrongs make one right is set to be a reimagining of Much Ado About Nothing and it’s a fake romance between Bea and Jamie. Honestly, Chloe Liese writes such inclusive and fun romances that you must have her traditionally published novel on your radar. The release date of this one is November 22.

Finally, this month would not be complete without a Christmas book and A very happy bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams had to make the cut. It’s book 5 in the series and it’s Colton’s second-chance romance with a character we’ve met previously. Considering this series has yet to feature a vacation, this is the perfect book to help get you in the holiday spirit. Plus, it’s slated for release on November 1st, so it’s perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit.

December releases are rare, but these three are worth noting.

The first one is actually a sequel and it’s well traveled by Jen DeLuca. This series follows couples who meet because of or at a Renaissance Faire. This book follows Lulu and Dex who are characters we’ve met before and it’s a romance on the road that seems so much fun. Although this book has a summer vibe, this series is fun all year round as it comes out on December 6th.

Next up is actually the start of a new Avery Flynn series and that’s Witcha Gonna Do. This one is unsurprisingly a romance between two witches who end up teaming up to try and help her family. Not only does this book have one of the cutest covers of the year, but it looks like it will be some forced close-knit goodness. This book is due out on December 6.

The last book making the cut is A pinch of salt and pepper by Kosoko Jackson. It’s an m/m romance between two chefs and it looks like it’s going to be both funny and steamy. At this point, this is her second romance release of the year, so if you haven’t read Kosoko Jackson yet, this might be for you.

All in all, there are tons of romance books coming out in the second half of the year. Hope you were able to find something new to add to your TBR. Even if you weren’t, I’d love to hear about some of your planned releases for the end of the year.