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10 things about the residents of Stars Hollow that would never fly today

Picturesque Stars Hollow, the hometown of Gilmore’s titular girls, seems like a pretty good place to live. There is a sense of community: the residents all know each other, help each other when needed and participate in the unusual events of Stars Hollow. Appearances can be deceptive, as there is also a lot about the residents of Stars Hollow that wouldn’t be acceptable these days.

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Gilmore Girls is a show that screams the early 2000s – both in a good way and in a bad way. Generally friendly city dwellers might get away with some of their problematic rules and beliefs at the time, but some of their behaviors didn’t age as well. The 2016 revival of the show, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, brought the public up to speed with the people of Stars Hollow and showed that not much has changed in the beloved town since they first knew it.

ten Adults condemn teenagers as if they were other adults

Jess in 'A Family Matter' on Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls did a great job of describing the plagues of adolescence, with the exception of one glaring problem: adults often treated teens like their adult peers – and not in a good way. After Dean and Rory broke up, for example, the whole town avoided Dean. Worse yet, Lorelai even yelled at him and called him “scum.” Regardless of what happened between them, the city should have kept in mind that Dean was only 16.

Likewise, the residents of Stars Hollow completely rejected Jess. They even organized a town meeting about him. While Jess was undoubtedly a problematic teenager, adults should have known not to judge him so blatantly and plan to get rid of him.

9 Miss Patty smokes during ballet lessons

gilmore girls miss patty

Miss Patty is one of Stars Hollow’s most charismatic residents. She owns a dance studio where she teaches dance to children and adults. While her younger students are training, she is often seen smoking cigarettes.

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While smoking is part of Patty’s overall artistic aesthetic, it’s definitely not something parents would find acceptable these days. Especially if the pupils in question are children!

8 Luke’s “No Cell Phone” sign

Lukes Diner - No Cell Phones - Gilmore Girls

In many ways, Luke Danes was ahead of his time. He was well aware of the negative effects of too much coffee and junk food. And more importantly, he believed cell phones weren’t good news and would eventually take over the world.

Despite his strict “no cell phone” rule, Luke’s dinner was a hit among many residents of Stars Hollow. Unfortunately for Luke, cellphones have since become smartphones and people are more attached to them than in the early 2000s. His aversion to using the phone continued into. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life when he deliberately gave the wrong Wi-Fi passwords to his customers to get them out as soon as possible.

7 A single income could provide residents with a large house

Welcome to the Hollow Star Sign - Gilmore Girls

The housing market is certainly not the same today as it was in the early 2000s. Even then, it is highly unrealistic that Lorelai, a single mother, could afford her two-story house all over the place. eating out all the time. Likewise, Dean worked in construction during Season 4 and had plans to buy a townhouse for him and Lindsay in the near future.

Stars Hollow’s finances have come under heavy criticism since Gilmore Girls broadcast for the first time. As far as the economy goes, the show is getting more and more ridiculous to watch over the years.

6 Miss Patty listened to other people’s conversations

Miss Patty and Babette always seem to know everything first and have the status of the biggest gossip in town. In the season four finale, Babette told Luke that Miss Patty’s phone often picks up other people’s conversations – that’s how they learned all the details about Lorelai’s relationship with Jason.

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Even Luke, who otherwise had a low tolerance for gossip and a lack of privacy, didn’t seem to mind this problematic fact. Although witnesses still exist today, there is no way people would let such a privacy breach go unnoticed.

5 There can only be one city troubadour

Town Troubadour Gilmore Girls

In the Season 1 finale, the Town Troubadour discovered that he was no longer the only singer in town. He immediately saw the other performer as a competition and wanted the residents of Stars Hollow to take his side and bring out the newcomer.

As people generally didn’t like changes and outsiders, they happily agreed to pass a motion that officially declared the “mystic guy” the one and only troubadour in town, thus banning the “usurper”. The troubadour showed how little solidarity he had with his fellow artists, which contemporary audiences find it hard to tolerate.

4 Kirk had a new job every week

Kirk sells one of his products on Gilmore Girls

One of the strangest things about Kirk is that he had a different job almost every time he made appearances. He has worked in the beauty salon, video rental store, and Doose Market. Among other things, he was also a termite and mold inspector, delivery man and event organizer. To be fair, he accidentally turned out to be a pretty talented wedding decorator in A year in the life. Lorelai texted him, saying his job was perfect.

Kirk’s multiple jobs are never meant to sound realistic: it’s proof that the writers of Gilmore Girls don’t take the show too seriously. Over the years, his career becomes even less credible as the job market becomes more and more competitive each year.

3 Miss Patty’s predatory comments

Miss Patty and Dean talk about Gilmore Girls

Miss Patty never missed an opportunity to let a man know that she found him attractive – even if the man in question was a teenager, like Dean. In Season 3, Dean was walking down the street when Miss Patty commented, “Dean-o you’re getting even bigger, I’m going to have to get some mountaineering gear.”

Dean told her that she was getting dangerous even to approach, which Miss Patty took as a compliment. In another episode, Luke told her to stop imagining her in pantyhose, to which she replied that it is a free country. She made the male characters uncomfortable and seemed to derive pleasure from it. His comments served as a comedic relief, but two decades later, no one is laughing anymore. During the rerun, Lorelai actually berated Miss Patty and Babette for chatting with a young man, so at least some residents of Stars Hollow kept pace.

2 Taylor Doose’s Authority

Taylor Doose Cross Light - Girls Gilmore

Taylor Doose is one of the less sympathetic supporters Gilmore Girls characters and inhabitants of Stars Hollow, but people still let him make all the decisions about the affairs of the city. A smug bureaucrat, he was on several municipal committees and was always on the lookout for complaints.

Taylor Doose repeatedly made Luke’s life hell, tried to thwart Lorelai’s plans with the Dragonfly Inn, and made Rory the face of his soda store. Time and time again, he abused his power, but the residents let him get away with it. In A year in the life, he still ran the affairs of the city, while the locals complained about his endless micromanagement. However, they all accepted it.

1 The special treatment of residents of Rory

Since Stars Hollow had her own high school, it’s safe to say that Rory wasn’t the only teenager in town. While it’s understandable that the Gilmores thought Rory was special since she was on track to save their family’s reputation after Lorelai tarnished her, it doesn’t make sense that the whole town is putting her on. also on a pedestal.

The dark side of this priority treatment is that Rory had almost no privacy. His romantic adventures were always the talk of the town. It’s hard to imagine an entire city investing so much in a girl’s life these days. Not only is it inappropriate, but it is also damaging to a teenager’s emerging self-image.

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